What's Happening at Access Education

Introducing AE Music! In addition to creating fun, affordable, and accessible textbooks and training services, Access Education now creates and publishs fun, affordable, and accessible songbooks and co-produces accompanying albums for independent musicians. Our first project, In Dublin Town, featured the songs and sounds of Dublin-born balladeer, Philip M. Price.

Available Soon: Access Education's newest academic publication, Fundamentals of Purchasing & Supply Management, is nearing completionand will be available June 2012! This exciting introductory college text explores the exciting world of purchasing as told by a variety of academic and professional experts. For more information...


Access Education

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Access Education Press

Access Education Press is an independent publisher that is committed to producing college level educational materials, such as textbooks and instructor packs, that are fun, accessible, and affordable.

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AE Music

AE Music is the newest division of Access Education that publishes songbooks and accompanying albums, making the publishing process accessible for local and independent artists.

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Access Education Training

Access Education Training has been providing leadership, communication, and MBTI (pesonality type) training and consultancy services for the past decade to customers around the world.

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